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Acute Rheumatic Fever

Did you know that sometimes skin infections and throat infections can cause Rheumatic Fever.

Also some children don’t go to doctors as often as they should.

Often Rheumatic Fever is detected very late because patients, doctors and nurses are not aware of the condition. 

Everybody should know about this and learn about this through regular visits to health clinics.

Understanding the importance of really minor problems.  A sore throat is a very minor problem, but we need to make sure people in the Indigenous communities know that it is a very important problem.

That sore throat is the result of an infection by the highly contagious Group A Streptococcus bacteria.

It’s commonly called Strep Throat.

If left untreated this throat infection can lead to Acute Rheumatic Fever.

This is when a child’s antibodies, the inside hunters that protect the body by getting rid of invaders that may cause harm, destroy the Strep bacteria.

The problem is in some children these hunters also attack the heart which contains similar looking proteins to those of the invaders.

If a child you know has:

Sore throat
Infected skin sores
Sore joints

Don’t delay.

Go to the health clinic to check it.

To learn more about Rheumatic Heart Disease watch short film What is Rheumatic Heart Disease

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