Prevention and control of ARF and RHD in Indigenous Australian Communities:

A developmental evaluation of the Take Heart resources in the NT

By Dr Fabrizio D’Esposito

Supported by Bupa Health Foundation


Take Heart Evaluation – Final Report Oct 2018


The Take Heart initiative was created by Moonshine Agency and generously sponsored by The Bupa Foundation and other organisations. Take Heart aims to apply digital health promotion techniques to reduce the incidence of ARF and RHD in Indigenous communities across Australia (

Take Heart is part of an international initiative to put ARF and RHD on the global media and public health agendas in Australasia, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere.

Take Heart includes a long feature documentary, which is accompanied by short videos, a free action toolkit, a free smart-phone application (app), photography exhibitions, and an interactive website with social-media resources.

In Australia, a community outreach program supported by Bupa provides local communities with access to the documentary, short videos, interactive app, and website including essential information to recognise symptoms and access treatment for RHD.

The Take Heart community outreach program and resources are the focus of this evaluation; together, they comprise three components:

  • Self-management support for children and young adults who are on secondary prophylaxis for ARF or RHD;
  • A face-to-face awareness raising campaign for Indigenous communities where the population is at high risk of developing ARF and RHD;
  • A nation-wide set of social media, online, and mass media resources


Take Heart Evaluation – Final Report Oct 2018


Dr Fabrizio D’Esposito
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Evaluation made possible thanks to the support of Bupa Health Foundation

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